Atlantic Environmental (AE) recently worked on a shoreline restoration project in the Midcoast region of Maine.  A fire spread from a nearby firepit and a portion of the shoreline that measured approximately one hundred and fifty (150) feet by five (5) to ten (10) feet was affected.  Since the site is located within the Shoreland Zone, the vegetation needed to meet the Revegetation Requirements of the Town’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.

The first step that was taken after the fire was to remove the debris and install erosion control mulch along the shoreline to ensure that soil was not washing into the adjacent waterbody.  The area was assessed to determine the appropriate number of plant species to meet the Shoreland Zoning requirements.  This includes placing plants three (3) feet on center and replanting with at least three (3) different plant species.  A restoration plan was prepared that outlined the planting area and planting plan that includes plant species to be used, quantity, and size of plant.  Once approved by the Town, AE got to work!  Over one hundred and fifty (150) plants were planted along the shoreline that include Northern Bayberry, Winterberry, Red Maple saplings, Birch saplings, and even an Apple tree sapling.  Once plants were placed in the ground, the area was seeded and hay was placed to ensure a stable groundcover is established.

AE will monitor the site to ensure an 80% survival rate of the new plants and to meet Shoreland Zoning requirements.  If you have questions about what is allowed in the Shoreland Zone and if trees or other plants can be removed, AE can help with project planning and ensuring you are in compliance with Shoreland Zoning regulations.