Shoreland Zone Plant Restoration

  Atlantic Environmental (AE) recently worked on a shoreline restoration project in the Midcoast region of Maine.  A fire spread from a nearby firepit and a portion of the shoreline that measured approximately one hundred and fifty (150) feet by five (5) to ten (10) feet was affected.  Since the site is located [...]

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2018 Vernal Pool Season

It is coming up on vernal pool season! Wood frogs, Spotted Salamanders, Blue Spotted Salamanders, and Fairy Shrimp are migrating from their winter burrows to breed in these seasonal pools. If you think you have a vernal pool on your property and are planning any sort of development, contact Atlantic Environmental to help with project [...]

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Recent Wetland Delineation Project

Atlantic Environmental, LLC has been busy this summer with a range of projects that include coastal docks and piers, shoreline stabilization, and wetland delineations.   Most recently, AE staff completed a wetland delineation on a parcel of land located in Richmond, Maine. Wetlands are delineated in accordance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Regional [...]

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